QIZ Webinar with the China National Association for Glass Industry

QIZ Egypt in collaboration with the Egyptian Economic and Commercial Service Bureau in Beijing organized a webinar on February 24th, 2022 with China National Association for Glass Industry and 10 of the top Chinese glass products manufacturers.

The webinar aimed at discussing the means of attracting Chinese glass production investments to Egypt, increasing QIZ exports of glass products to the U.S. market and the possibilities of settling this industry in the Sinai.

Mr. Hazem Beshr participated in the webinar on behalf of the glass industries sector in the Chemicals & Fertilizers Export Council and Mr. Mohamed Abu Harga the Advisor to the Chamber of Chemical Industries for Technical Affairs represented the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

Dr. Ashraf El Rabiey the Head of the QIZ Egypt Unit delivered a presentation on the QIZ protocol and the major points of strength, incentives and benefits of investing in the Egyptian market. He pointed out the current investment opportunities in the Egyptian glass manufacturing sector. He also referred to the export opportunities of glass products to the American market through the protocol benefiting from the high tariff on these products in the U.S. reaching up to 28%, citing the recent success stories of foreign glass production investors in QIZ.

Moreover, Dr. El Rabiey confirmed that the Egyptian sands are of an unbeatable and extremely high quality. Sinai sands in particular are well known for their low iron content and their appropriate size of granules. This is suitable for the industry without the need for further chemical treatments for iron separation compared to other types of sand. He mentioned that the Egyptian sands are exported to many countries as raw materials for the glass manufacturing industry.

The Head of the Economic and Commercial Bureau in Beijing Mr. Ahmed Zaki delivered a speech pointing at the distinguished historical ties linking both countries at all levels. He referred to the recent mutual official visits exchanged between the leaders of both countries. He emphasized that China is the most important trading partner to Egypt with a volume of trade which reached recently about $20 billion and with a value of Egyptian exports which reached about $1.8 billion.

In her speech, Mrs. Zheng Wuhong the President of the China National Association for Glass Industry praised pointed at the distinguished relations between Egypt and China and the remarkable results of the official visits exchanged between the leaders of the two countries.

She referred to the long and ancient history which both Egypt and China enjoy in in the field of the glass production industry, expressing her aspirations that the upcoming period would witness win-win cooperation between both countries making this industry grow and contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of both countries.

At the end of the webinar, it was agreed to coordinate with the ECS Bureau in Beijing to arrange delegations of the Chinese glass products manufacturers to visit Egypt as soon as the travel restrictions to and from China are lifted. QIZ Egypt welcomed and expressed its readiness to receive any inquiries from the Chinese association and its member companies concerning investing in Egypt. The association agreed on publishing the data of the upcoming QIZ webinars and any data needed by the Chinese glass manufacturers on the website of the association.

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