Quarterly Review


To expedite the processing of your application, companies are required to comply with the instructions below:

* Kindly update your online company data annually by filling the Update Form (here"All information in the form is required" 

And bring a copy of valid documents to QIZ Unit (originals for reviewing) as follows: 

Commercial Registry; Industrial Registry “Statement from the General Authority for Investment & Free Zones (GAFI)”; Tax Card 


  1. All QIZ companies must submit a complete Quarterly Review Form & supporting documents to QIZ Unit as follows: 

  • Quarter 1: 1st – 15th of April

  • Quarter 2: 1st – 15th of July

  • Quarter 3: 1st – 15th of October

  • Quarter 4: 1st – 15th of January

(Sundays through Thursdays: 9 am - 5 pm)

->  Appreciating prior booking of Appointment before visiting. 

->  You have to fill in the form (Here) to get username and password for QIZ services on the website.

  1. Quarterly Review Form:

  • Companies that have exported under QIZ during the above mentioned quarter will have to fill out the Quarterly Review Form (Soft Copy) and send to review@qizegypt.gov.eg before submitting the hard copy (paper files). 

  • Companies that have not exported under QIZ during the above mentioned quarter shall submit the same form as above, but should only fill out the "Summary" page of the Quarterly Review Form.

♦ 2021 Quarterly Review Forms: 

♦ 2020 Quarterly Review Forms: 

Please note the following when filling out the Quarterly Review Form:

  • All fields of the Quarterly Review Form must be filled out in English.

  • Information completed in the Quarterly Review Form must be identical to what is indicated in the invoices.

No hard copy documents will be accepted unless the soft copy is sent in advance.



  1. Companies are required to submit the following documents:

    1. Complete the Quarterly Review Form (signed by the Contact Person and stamped by the company stamp).

    2. File 1: Export documents required (in order):

  • Customs Declaration Form (Form #13) of the shipment
    (Original: stamped "QIZ" at the Customs Authority for every shipment exported to the U.S under the QIZ Protocol).

  • Commercial Invoice (Original: stamped "QIZ" at the Customs Authority)

  • Adjustments to the Customs Declaration Form (if available)

  • Statistical Form (Original: stamped with the GOEIC stamp)

  • Bill of Lading (Original: for every shipment exported to the US under the QIZ protocol)


  1. File 2: Import documents required (in order): 

  • Customs Declaration Form of the shipment (Original: stamped "QIZ" at the Customs Authority, for every shipment imported from Israel under the QIZ Protocol)

  • Commercial Invoice (Original: stamped with the Israeli Customs stamp and includes a declaration of the Israeli origin) covering a minimum of 10.5% (Original: stamped "QIZ" at the Customs Authority)

  • Certificate of Origin (Original: stamped with the Israeli Customs stamp, in case Certificate of Origin is not available)

  • Packing List (Original: stamped with the Israeli Customs stamp) 

  • Services Invoice (if available)

  1. File 3: Includes the following:

  • Copy of Israeli invoices of the imported shipments from Israel under the QIZ protocol including the declaration of Israeli origin within the invoices or attached with an Israeli Certificate of Origin (stamped with the Israeli Customs stamp and must be stamped by the Egyptian Customs stamp "QIZ" as well)

General Remarks: 

  • At the Quarterly Review, QIZ companies shall submit all the necessary documents that provide evidence of export under the QIZ Protocol.
    The QIZ Unit will verify all export figures, under QIZ, with the concerned parties.
    Accordingly, companies that fail to do so will be considered violating the provision of the Protocol and will be directly suspended. No exceptions are allowed.

  • In the case of QIZ companies purchasing Israeli inputs from an Egyptian supplier (located in a free zone), companies are required to submit an invoice from the Egyptian supplier that includes a copy of the Israeli invoice that's provided to the Egyptian supplier. Click Here

  • In the case of acquiring the Israeli inputs from another QIZ factory, both lying in a non-free zone, kindly note the following:

    • Company A (vendor) shall provide Company B (buyer) with the original Customs Declaration Form stamped "QIZ"

    • Company A (vendor) shall surrender, to Company B (buyer), the total invoice value and not a partial amount thereof.

    • Company A (vendor) shall fill out a Surrender Form. Click Here
      Such form has to be approved and signed by someone with an authorized signatory at any operator bank.

  • In case of divided Israeli Invoice on many QIZ Companies by QIZ company, according to Announcement no. 78 dated 21/12/2015, the company has to deliver Total Invoice with entire Shipment Document, in addition to a photocopy of Partly Invoice which deliver to QIZ companies who buy products. The QIZ Companies which buy product from another QIZ company partly has to deliver Original Partly Invoice with photocopy of Israeli Invoice.

QIZ Unit apologizes for not accepting the Quarterly Review Files 
if the company does not comply with the above mentioned instructions


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