QIZ Unit

QIZ Unit is part of the Technical Office of Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI). It serves as an executive and technical support unit for the Egyptian side of the Joint Committee that is vested with managing the implementation process of the terms of the Protocol.



Our ultimate goal is to maximize the value that qualified Egyptian companies can obtain from the flow of custom-free Egyptian goods to the USA, the largest consumer market in the world.



Our mission is to enable the successful implementation of the QIZ protocol. The unit will serve as the implementation arm for the Egyptian representative at the QIZ joint committee. The unit will work with all stack-holders to achieve our declared goal.



Offer a full slate of support and services, from administration of the protocol to decision support to industrial/trade strategy.



The Unit is mandated to carry out many tasks, the most of important of which are:


  • Receiving applications from the Egyptian companies located in the QIZ designated zones and willing to be included in the List of companies entitled to the US customs preferential treatment under the QIZ protocol.


  • Reviewing merits of such applications in terms of their meeting all geographic and rules of origin requirements of the Protocol.


  • Auditing compliance of the companies on the QIZ list in order to determine whether they still meet qualification requirements, hence remain on the List or be suspended if found noncompliant.


  • Serving as an information center for local and foreign businesses interested in doing business under the terms of the QIZ protocol.


  • Providing decision support services to members of the Egyptian side of the Joint Committee through compiling data and statistics on all QIZ-related activities, analyzing this information and putting forward recommendations accordingly.

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