Quarterly Review Q2-2024

Quarterly Review Q2 of 2024 opens from 1st till 15th of July 2024 (Sundays through Thursdays: 9 am - 1 pm).


  Prior booking of an Appointment before visiting only via this link:*

    The review will not take place without booking, and the reserved appointment must be adhered
    to so that your company’s time slot does not conflict with a slot reserved for another company.
    Kindly be informed that no bookings will be valid except through this link.

  * Booking review slots is done during official working hours only (from Sun. thru Thurs. 
     from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)


- Please deliver original Authorization for Review covering the quarter under review with a verified bank signature or power of attorney "dealing with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the QIZ Unit".

Companies are committed to book with an auditor according to the following:

  • Companies Ref. 1 - 74 with Auditor A
  • Companies Ref. 75 – 529 with Auditor B
  • Companies Ref. 530 – 812 with Auditor C
  • Companies Ref. 813 - 1191 with Auditor D


♦  All QIZ companies must send a complete Quarterly Review Form to and  


♦  Documents are required to be scanned in colour high resolution using a scanner and not a mobile camera. The company is committed to providing all documents under review (Exports and Imports) scanned and submitted on an electronic medium (Flash Memory). The company must keep all previous documents for a period of five years in accordance with the provisions of the Protocol and as referred to in Announcements no. 91 and 53 ..

The review process will not take place without submitting a Flash Memory including all scanned Expoprts and Imports documents subject to review ..


♦  Kindly check updated Quarterly Review procedures carefully from the following link: Quarterly Review procedures


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